On the horizon. . .

The warm season (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) of 2024 seems to be a wonderful sports summer for all-round sports enthusiasts (active or passive!).

A small selection of the special sporting events of the year 2024: European Football Championship for National Teams (in Germany from June 14 to July 15) and the Olympic Games (in France from July 26 to August 12).

And then there are the well-known, annually recurring sports competitions such as the Tour de France (June 29 to July 22), tennis at Roland Garros (May 20 to June 3 – gets busy in Paris -) and Wimbledon (in London from July 1 until July 15) and of course F1 with ‘our’ Max.

World Cup 2018

Worldcup 2018

The above is nothing more than a random selection of all the sports goodies that we will be presented with this coming summer. The kick-off of all these (delicious) delicacies will take place on Saturday, April 20, 2024 in Kraggenburg; to be precise at De Voorst recreation park!

The Flevoland Open – Drafts – World Cup will take place there from that day (until Saturday April 27).

This eight-day drafts event is organized by ‘the men’ of Stichting Aanzet (you probably know them!) and takes place under the auspices of the Fédération Mondiale du Jeu de Dames (the international drafts association).

The tournament has been awarded no fewer than three so-called ‘stars’, which in practice means that many international grandmasters (GMIs) will register, in addition to the always generous group of ‘ordinary drafts players’ (are there any?).

All information about Flevoland Open World Cup *** can be found ‘under the buttons’ at the top of this site.

In short, it will be a summer to look forward to for every sports fan; Hopefully it will be as our eastern neighbors often tell us: Sport, all people become brothers (and everything in between or that cannot yet be defined).

See you in April at De Voorst recreation park.